Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lady Pamela's Breast/Stretch-mark Balm for Nursing Mothers

We have created this wonderful balm specifically for new nursing mothers.
While breastfeeding is a real blessing to mother and child sometimes there are things that come up which make it not so enjoyable. Sore breasts and even cracked and dry nipples can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. That is why we have developed this balm especially for you.
We use pure Shea butter, Coconut oil, and Cocoa butter and have then added calendula. No chemicals, just 100 percent natural.
There is no bad taste to it so it will not deter baby at the next feeding.
This balm can also will help with stretch-marks.
It is designed to melt at body temperature so very little is needed. Just gently rub several fingers over the surface until it starts to melt and apply as needed.
The beauty of our balm is that because it is made with pure natural oils it will soak into the skin and help to heal the irritated skin.

Petroleum based lotions and creams stay on the surface for the most part and trap moisture in.
Our oils are pure and chemical free and help moisturize and sooth. They also will help to shrink stretch-marks because it is so moisturizing.
Apply directly to the sore areas after feedings.
2 oz Tub
Coconut Oil, Shea and Cocoa Butter, Calendula

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Mac's 100% Natural Baby Butt Balm for diaper rash, Petroleum Free and Zinc Oxide and Alcohol Free

We created this about a year ago for my daughter who has two little girls. At the time both in diapers.
She has used it a number of times when the girls had a rash and has told me that the rash cleared up in a day, no problem. She loves it.
We have infused the Coconut oil and Shea with a number of herbs that great for fighting diaper rash, and that will help.
This convenient 2 oz diaper-bag tin will last easily 6 months or probably longer is used as we recommend. Please understand that this salve is to be used as diaper rash appears not after each diapering.
All you have to do use it is to rub two or three fingers lightly over the surface until it starts to melt, and then apply as needed. Use after each diapering until rash is gone.
This is a completely all natural balm. The are no chemicals in it as many of the commercial products have.
The light green color is due to the natural ingredients, and the fragrance is also due to natural ingredients.
It is also zinc oxide free and petroleum free.
Commercial products use petroleum and zinc oxide. All they do is to trap moisture in and then use the zinc oxide to kill any bacteria.
Coconut oil has anti bacterial properties in it naturally. Then we infuse it with thyme, rosemary, and oregano, lavender, chickweed, and plantain, and it is very strong in the anti bacterial dept.
Petroleum based products lay on the surface so all they can do is trap existing moisture in. This also blocks the ability of the shin to release moisture or to breathe naturally. Petroleum has also been shown in some studies to leach out vitamin K.
We use coconut and shea because the are all natural and they are solid at room temperature. As you reach body temperature they become liquid. This mean that very little will be needed. The benefit is that the infused oil works by soaking into the skin and not laying on the surface.
Comfrey, Plantain, Chamomile, Calendula, and Lemon Balm and very soothing to irratated skin, so they work great on baby's bottom.
This is a superior product and we believe to be the best out there, butt :) best of all it is all natural.
We use only top quality ingredients to give your baby the best.

Coconut Oil, Shea, Thyme, Rosemary, Oregano, Lemon Balm, Beeswax, Calendula, Lavender, Tea Tree, Chamomile, Chickweed, Plantain, Comfrey

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Lady Pamela's Natural, All in One Citrus Shampoo &Conditioner, for Chemically Treated, Dry, or Normal Hair, Chemical Free, No Parabens

About hair.

All hair is porous and is not living tissue. The hair follicle that grows the hair is living. Hair is a waste product of the follicle, similar to fingernails and the cuticle.

So the hairs itself acts a bit like a sponge. When you use commercial shampoos or even a lot of natural shampoos (which often have disguised chemicals in them) it strips the hair of oil and leaves it dry and brittle. Then you use a conditioner to make is soft and flexible. That doesn't make sense.

But because the hair and the follicle have been chemically stripped of oil (which the follicle produces), your body starts to produce more oil to take the place of the Natural oil that has been stripped away.

It becomes a vicious cycle. The more you wash the drier and more damaged your hair becomes and the body tries to restore a natural balance of oil in the hair.

Okay so how do we end the cycle. Hang on, you may not like it but here is the answer. You go “commercial shampoo free”.

You can scale back slowly by diluting you shampoo with water by up to 8 time. Really. All shampoos are very concentrated so this can be done. It will still suds, however there is not really any cleaning action in the suds. It is made that way to make you feel like it doing something good.
**For reference, it will take up to a month to get things started and to get your follicles and hair back to a more natural balance.

Also cut back the number of times you wash your hair per week to at most twice a week, once a week is better.

Realize that your hair may feel different, but that is the more natural way your hair needs to be. It takes some getting used to I will admit.

As for most conditioners, they contain parabens (wax) and sometimes oils. They do this because by using their shampoo you have chemically stripped your hair, and in the process made it dry and brittle, which causes hair to break off or split ends. The wax coats the hair and give it shine and keeps it more manageable. Both conditions that have been created by the shampoo itself. The parabens also plug up the follicle with wax and thus create dandruff and an itchy scalp.

Now Pam uses hair color about every six weeks or so and had after years of doing this has hair that is dry an brittle. So I started doing research, and this is what I came up with. Lady Pamela's Natural Shampoo and Conditioner. She love it. I have been using it also and won't go back. Pam has fine blonde hair and I have dark brown hair which is normal, not oily or dry.

So how does our Natural Shampoo and conditioner work?

We use only completely natural ingredients : Coconut Oil, Shea Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, and Tangerine or Lemon essential oils to make it more refreshing. We also added just a little vegetable Glycerin for spread-ability with water.

The coconut oil is 50% lauric acid which means that it is an excellent natural cleaner. It is natural so it does not strip the hair or plug the follicles, but cleanse it and the scalp. Also because coconut is natural is will soak in and fill the porous hair, thus giving it body.

The Shea also moisturizes the hair and helps give it a healthy shine without the waxes and parabens.

Again because it is natural it will not coat the hair but soaks in. It will help to make the hair or flexible the the hair doesn’t break or split.

The Hemp Seed oil give will give your hair added shine and softness, but without the fly aways.

Combined these ingredients give you a superior product which is completely natural, that helps restore your hair, follicles, and scalp to its natural balance. We believe it is the best out there.

Now this being said, how do you use it?

Well here is how Pam (she has shoulder length hair) uses it:

  We use about a nickel size portion in the palm of the hand then spread it around in the palm and work it into the ends first and the massage it in to the rest of the hair and scalp. Because it has not chemicals, etc, your scalp will not itch and flake. Let it stay on for several minutes and then rinse with hot shower water. The longer you rinse the the less shampoo/conditioner remains.

The nice thing is that if after it dries it seems to oily, all you would have to do is rinse it more with hot water. Let it set for a day before rinsing again, because it will take a while to soak in.

The thing is that a person has to play with it a bit to get the right balance. Once you get it down you should really only have to wash your hair once a week or so.

 Pam has notice that her hair is fuller, hydrated, shiny and soft.

When color treating my hair:

I use a low priced hair dye and the color has lasted longer since I started to use Lady Pamela's shampoo ( I have been dying it every 10-12 weeks now). I also use the shampoo for the conditioner instead of the conditioner provided in the box of hair dye.

After coloring and rinsing the dye out: I use a nickel size on the ends and work my way up to the scalp and then I use another dime size on my scalp and work to the middle of my hair. I leave on for 3-5 minutes and then rinse. Then I blow-dry and style. My feels so soft and silky! And no hair-dye smell.
For regular use:

I actually wash my hair every 5 to 7 days.

I scramble a raw egg in a plastic cup and add a little water for spread-ability; then I dip the ends of my hair in the cup and spread on my hair and scalp, I repeat until the egg is gone. I leave on for a couple of minutes, then I rinse.

I then use about a dimes size of the Lady Pamela's shampoo & conditioner; I spread in on my hands and stroke through my hair (ends first to about where my ears are), not on my scalp. I leave the conditioner in for about 3 minutes, then I rinse.

I then blow-dry my hair and curl my hair with a curling iron. I spray the curls into place a natural hairspray ( Lily of the Desert styling spray). My scalp feels so clean, and my hair is shiny & soft!

Mark says that by blow-drying my hair it locks the oil into the hair shafts and my hair becomes light (fluffy) and full bodied.

When I was in Florida and after swimming in the ocean; I washed my hair with the Lady Pamela's shampoo but let it dry naturally and it was hydrated, soft and shiny; but not as full bodied as when I blow-dry.

Starting on day 3 to day 5 or 7: At the end of the day I brush my hair thoroughly. This really fluffs it up and spreads the natural oil in my hair. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mac's 100% Natural Robber's AB Oil

We have based our Robber's AB oil on a number of ingredients grave robber's used during the time of the Plague to keep themselves for getting sick. They were caught and given the choice their recipe or death. Well you know which one they chose.
Our formula is based on but not the same as the original. We have added several more oils chosen for their anti-bacterial, anti-microbal, and anti-viral properties. This is our variation of a good thing.
Our Robber's is a superior product and is great for fighting off all sorts of things. Come up with your own uses.
Please do not confuse our superior Robber's AB Oil with any Young Living product.

This Robber's AB  is created in a oil form with base oils that are healing, anti-bacterial, antiviral, and anti-microbal. It is great for pocket or purse and it works well on scrapes and cuts, to stave of infection.

Don't be fooled by the dropper bottle, it will last a long time and will not go bad. There are about 400 drops in this bottle and usually you will only need a drop at a time.

Here are some ways to use this Robber's AB:

  1. Keep out of Eyes.
  2. One drop on the thumb and rubbed between the thumb and forefinger should do.
  3. Apply to the sides of the nostrils ( not in ) at the opening. This insures that it will be breathed in.
  4. Also a drop rubbed into the ball of the foot will help.
  5. You can touch a drop at the base of the nose between the nostrils.
  6. Several drops can by placed in a warmer to defuse to a whole room. (good idea)
  7. Several drops rubbed onto the chest at night is not a bad idea.
  8. You can put a drop on the cotton of a bandaid and then apply to cut or scrape to help it heal.
  9. Probably not a good idea to apply directly on children under 2 or so, but defused in room is ok.
  10. Great for colds, flu, scrapes, cuts, etc. This is amazing stuff. 
  11. Use only a drop or two at a time,( start with a drop), it is very potent.
  12. Come up with your own uses.

    Recommended for your medicine chest and first-aid kit.

    Great for the whole family & pets!

    Ingredients: Safflower Oil, Clove, Cinnamon, Lemon, Rosemary, Juniper Oil, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Natural Vitamin

    Size 1/2 ounce bottle.    $19.95 plus shipping

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