Saturday, March 19, 2011

Beating Flu the Natural Way

    Here's what my wife and I have done to keep us from getting  flu in the last 4 years, even though we have been exposed to flu numerous times. By the way, if you know someone that has had the nasal flu vaccine stay away from them. Though it may (and I stress may help them), they become contagious for about two weeks. Check it out for yourself, its true. 


 We take two 500mg capsules of olive leaf extract a day (75mg of oleuropein per capsule), 8000 IU of vitamin D-3 per day, and also 6000 IU of vitamin C per day.

   Now, contrary to those who say that you can get to much, these dosages are well within the limits of any possible side effects. Start with one olive leaf a day and work up after a week. You need to build up your system to have the desired effect. Olive leaf is one of the strongest natural antivirals out there.

   We start the first of October and run through April, just before flu season and just after it.

   Vitamin D can also be obtained from cod liver oil, but you would have to take allot of it (1 tsp has about 1000 IU of D in it).

   Many people we have told us that they think we are being extreme. However when we ask if the have had the flu shot?, they say yes. Next question, did you get the flu? most say yes. We rest our case!

   Once again I will mention that my wife and I have not had flu in 4 or 5 years (since we started this regiment) and we both work with the public.
   We get all of our vitamins from the Swansons, here's the link,

   Our Prayer is that you, too, can be flu free throughout the year!

Vitamin D and Flu

Olive Leaf and Flu

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