Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mac's 100% Naturals Pain Stop Oil

This oil is incredible:
* 2 drops took the swelling down and pain out of tendonitis in the bottom of my wife’s foot.

* A friend tried several drops on some tense knotted shoulders and with in 5 minutes things were feeling fine.
* I tried it on a rib that pops out once in a while and it took the pain away and the inflammation down within 15 minute. 

*Another friend of ours used it on the arthritic joints in his fingers and once again the pain was gone within about 10 minutes.

I am not over exaggerating.

The Grape Seed oil is infused with cottonwood buds, arnica and culendula. Cottonwood (Populus deltoides) is know for its high Salic Acid, a key ingredient in aspirin, and it is concentrated in the buds. Arnica and Calendula go deep to heal bruising and inflammation.

This oil is very concentrated and you can actually feel it heating up as it works. After applying you massage it in and drive it in by friction heat produced by applying pressure while rubbing quickly over the area. Do this until you feel the heat and then a short while longer. You will be amazed. I was, and so has everyone who as tried it.

This is very concentrated and labor intensive to produce. Each bud is individually harvested just as the buds are starting to pop in the spring. That is when the bud's have maximum potency. It took quite a few hours to harvest this batch. 

It take only 2 drops to cover a hand or foot or shoulder muscle so this little bottle will last a long time (about 150 applications at 2 drops a time). Just think of how much analgesic cream it would take to match his and what it would cost. The cost for cream is about 40 cents an application.

The cost of our Pain Stop is about a 10 cents a drop. So don't let the price put you off; it is a tremendous value.

The effect lasts for hours. Really! 

This stuff is truly liquid gold, and it is completely natural. It smells great too!

The quantities are limited because it can only be harvested once a year for less than a week.

Ingredients: Grape Seed Oil, Cottonwood Buds, Arnica, Calendula

Comes in a 1/2 oz dropper bottle.       $30,00  plus shipping

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