Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mac's Natural Xylitol/Calcium Mouth Wash

Our mouthwash is absolutely great, and completely natural!

My wife and daughter have been using it for over a year. Since it is mixed in a a liter bottle we couldn't figure out how to ship it without costing an arm and a leg.

I drive school bus on the side, and the other day while transporting a team to a game I overheard one of the coaches talking about how her dentist had prescribed a mouthwash with fluoride. Boo!

So I have realized that there is a need for a good flouride free, natural mouthwash. 

We are packaging it dry and all you have to do is mix it with a liter bottle of pure water. Heat the water up, add the powder, and mix until it dissolves. Then let it cool and place back in the bottle. A liter bottle should last you a month at 1 oz a night or 2 months at ½ oz( or a capful a night). 

After you have brushed at night and have had that last glass of water you can rinse with mouthwash and go to bed. Swish it around for several minutes and then just swallow. It will not harm you. Sometimes when you don't feel like brushing, no worries, just rinse and go to bed.

This mouthwash has helped calm down my daughters sensitive teeth as well as my wife’s. It has also helped with restoring or arresting receding gum lines. Really! 

Here's how it works.

Sea Salt is completely natural and helps kill bacteria and heal up the gums. Why? The body needs salt to heal itself. Sea salt has about 85 other trace minerals in it which the body also uses. Sea salt has not been stripped of all minerals except calcium chloride. The salt is in the perfect proportions with other important minerals we need.

Xylitol is a natural sugar derived from the Birch tree. It is sugar but the body doesn't recognize it as such. The beauty of it is that the bacteria that produce plaque (S. mutans.) feed on it as a sugar and actually starve to death, producing a less acidic environment. Thus your mouth is less prone to decay and plaque build up.

Calcium lactate is the way we add calcium to the mix. Some studies show that a calcium/xylitol combination is 50% more effective in promoting remineralzation in teeth. Translate to English, it can help with strengthening enamel and teeth.

We know it is effective because we have been using it for over a year and seen the results for our family. 

So if you have sensitive teeth, receding gum, gingivitus and want to try a completely natural alternative to commercial mouth wash, this is a great choice. 

Dry ingredients contain: Sea Salt, Natural Xylitol, and Calcium Lactate. 

Enough to make a liter (33oz). Bottle is not included. $7.50 plus shipping

Needs no refrigeration and is Flouride and Alcohol Free.
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  1. Hi, I notice your Etsy profile on the mouthwash. I would like to know do you have a Youtube account to see how you make the mouthwash with water or whatever you use with? Also, I would like to know before I buy your mouthwash can I put it in a flask to carry with because I don't like plastic and glass, I prefer steel cause it last along time without melting and breaking.

    Thank you.

    1. Thanks for asking. I have nothing on y-tube yet. It is best to mix it with pure water, not tap water since it has chlorine, fluoride and a number of other things that are toxic. Stainless steel flask would work fine. Being it has salt in it, a cheap tin flask would eventually rust. I would think that a pottery flask would work also. Not all glass is bad. Canning jar glass and some hand blown flasks would work. It would just depend on what the glass is made of. Some BPA, PVC free plastic might work, but by and large I agree with you and stay away from plastic all together. Hope this is helpful.