Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mac's Natural Hemorrhoid Relief, Chemical Free

This is a subject that we don't want to talk about, but periodically most will suffer from hemorrhoids at some time in their life. Several years ago a good friend of mine was suffering and he asked if there was something I knew of that would help. So I went home and worked on a similar solution as this salve, which gave him relief in about a week.

Recently a coworker with my wife said that she was suffering with a hemorrhoid about the size of her little finger. She was sharing that she was going to the doctor. The next day she shared that the doctor had told her that he could take care of it with surgery, but that she didn't want to do that.

So over the weekend my wife shared the story with me. During the night I was thinking about it and with the help of the Lord came up with this relief salve. 

* So I made up a ¼ tin and my wife gave it to her next time they worked together. After using it for 5 days she commented that the salve was very soothing and her hemorrhoid diminished to the size of a pea!
* Talking with another coworker about the problem, the coworker said that she had been using a commercial over the counter product for her hemorrhoids, and the coworker with our salve said that she also had tried the same product and it did not work, but that our relief salve worked GREAT! Wow what a testimonial.

We use only the best base oils selected for their specific soothing properties. Each of our other ingredients have their own specific purpose, and when blended together give you this fantastic product. This product is chemical free, and completely natural.

Don't let the small size container fool you, it will last a long time. Unlike over the counter stuff very little is need.

After each trip to the restroom apply a small amount. A finger rubbed lightly over the surface until it starts to melt should be enough. No need to gauge into it. It is created to melt at body temperature, but to remain solid at room temperature.

It has a pleasant herbal fragrance,. The darker color has to do with the fact that the salve is completely natural and because of the walnut and yarrow we use in it. This would probably sooth varicose veins as well.

This salve is very soothing and relieve some of the pain, really.

Another nice thing is that this salve will not go bad. It will keep its effectiveness a long time.

Now if you have read this far, you probably need this or know someone that does. It is a super value for the dollar. 

It comes in a 1/4 oz tin which is great for pocket, purse, or medicine cabinet. $10.00 plus shipping

Ingredients: Safflower, Olive, Coconut Oils, Yarrow, Plantain,Walnut, Cottonwood, Arnica, Calendula, Chamomile, Frankincense, Myrrh, Oregano, Emu, Beeswax

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